After upgrading from openSUSE Leap 42.1 to openSUSE Leap 42.2 the system boots from a single disk instead of the raid array. This happens when upgrading online using zypper as well as offline using the dvd. I suspect that the dmraid configuration is not written correctly to the configuration files and/or initrd. Is there a way to check and fix this in the rescue system during the first reboot?

It is possible to mount the root partition and chroot to the mount point from the rescue system to edit the configuration files, make a new initrd and install grub. What files do i have to check?

Unfortunately there is a windows installation on partition 1 and the extended partition 4 is filled with a FAT32 partition. So there is neither a free partition table entry nor space left for a boot partition. But this configuration worked for now.

The array controller is an NVIDIA Corporation MCP55 SATA Controller (rev a2). After rolling back to the old openSUSE 42.1 installation, i could give some more information and give it another try.