I have started migrating several Leap 42.2 machines to leap 42.3 but most users started complaining about kmail 17 on Leap 42.3
The problems are:
* Kmail icon missing when there are unread messages
* Unable to use shift delete
* "Weird" behavior selecting messages
* Links inside messages opening twice - for example, a youtube link opens the video on default browser and internally (the video audio starts to play)

I searched on Internet for solutions and discovered that theses bugs are related to QT 5.6 that was shipped with Leap 42.3, that these bugs do not occur on QT 5.8 and newer and the QT version won't be upgraded in the life cycle of Leap 42.3.

*Is it true that no bugfix related to this problem are planed?
*Are there any workaround that I haven't found yet?
*Is it possible to use kmail 4.14 on Leap 42.3? I've found the repo below that contains kmail 4.14 for Leap 42.3. Is it working Wolfi?

Thanks in advance