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Thread: Alpine/pine or Kernel Bug?

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    Default Alpine/pine or Kernel Bug?

    We have an NFS mounted mail spool served to a number of client computers. Since the most recent kernel patches available for OpenSUSE Leap 42.2, the alpine/pine mail client gives an error message every time mail is delivered to a user's inbox.

    We get the following errors:

    [Unexpected changes to folder (try restarting): ]


    This happens when a new mail is received and a user has their inbox open.

    This is specific to kernel version 4.4.79. When I booted a test system to kernel 4.4.74 alpine/pine behaves as it always has and recognizes that new mail has been received.

    Is this a bug in the latest kernel or a bug in alpine/pine that hasn't shown up under previous kernel versions?

    Thanks for any ideas about resolving this.

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    Default Re: Alpine/pine or Kernel Bug?

    Maybe upgrade your test system to the latest kernel and see if your problem reoccurs?

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    Default Re: Alpine/pine or Kernel Bug?

    Thanks for the response. I wasn't clear in my original post.

    The test system _is_ on the latest patch level and the problem occurs on it when I boot into the most recent kernel. When I select "Advanced Options" and chose the prior kernel, the problem disappears.

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