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Thread: Best way to share files between openSUSE host and Windows KVM

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    Default Best way to share files between openSUSE host and Windows KVM

    Since I'll need the Windows KVM virtual machine for working indeed, I'll be in need to be able to easily share files from host to virtual guest and viceversa. I have considered 2 possible ways: using SCP on Windows and having to temporarily turn on ssh on openSUSE host, or just creating a shared folder in Windows and use "smb://serverName/shareName" in nautilus file browser on openSUSE host.
    I'd certainly bias for the second one since I'd never have to risk turning on ssh in host, but what would you say? Good idea or could there be even "better" ways aside the ones mentioned?
    By the way, I wouldn't like very much to turn on samba service on openSUSE neither...

    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Best way to share files between openSUSE host and Windows KVM

    In general,
    Any method which you feel comfortable with is "best."

    Besides the methods you mentioned,
    It should be possible to implement Shared Folders using the 9p protocol.

    On the Server

    On Windows, I haven't tried but...
    - Virtio drivers are likely required
    or, I've downloaded from MS but that was a long time ago (don't know if still available that way)
    - May just show up in your Windows Guest Network automatically (likely requires usual requirements like same Workgroup name)
    - Or, mount using typical network share mounting commands
    The Windows Guest part is untested and might need some work...
    I just generally don't deploy Windows as Guests due to licensing issues (There are only a few license types that might allow creating a Windows Guest legally unless both Host and Guest are both Windows)

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