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I could say I have exactly the reverse experience as I tend to do with almost all SUSE releases - everything works even in Tumbleweed, and no, I don't have "old" hardware - a dual Xeon sporting an nVidia 1070 (which does bug out on 42.x series because Nouveau is a pile of poop but it does it on every distribution anyway).

Lot of happy users - shame you aren't one. Next time perhaps you should try out KDE and not GNOME.[/FONT][/COLOR]
Indeed, this touches upon my own experiences. I had setup openSUSE years back, and for me, it was the first time I used a KDE distro where everything in KDE actually worked! But one day my ssd bricked. And since I had Debian and Xfce4 pretty much everywhere else at the time, I didn't go back to openSUSE at all, really until now. I also came to realize at the time I did not engage with the openSUSE community back then either; really I was just quietly doing things on my own with it.

There are two things I do feel that makes openSUSE particularly nice; it is a great development distro, and it is, much to my surprise, at least as universal as Debian often claims to be. There is a lot of work, it seems almost hidden away, on various arm, powerpc, and other boards, and with release images, though you have to dig deep into the wiki to even find this out. That matches most of my real areas of interest, including being able to produce package builds for all those different architectures even for my own packages, all from obs. Of course others may choose different reasons, but that is what makes openSUSE compelling to me.