Just tried to install Leap 42.3, and some questions arouse as always... (even more since I hadn't used openSUSE since 12.x).

1) I see GNOME has kind of its own update "application", it even pops notifications if new updates are available. But, is it also set to automatically install them at a given time? If so, how can I disable it? Or even more, is there a way to disable its notifications, without going "unorthodox"?

2) I read Polari replaced Xchat as GNOME's default IRC client since 13.2, or so... I know I could just go and install Hexchat if needed, but... was there a special reason for putting this Polari "thing" as replacement at least in GNOME? Couldn't it have been just Hexchat itself? Back when I first used openSUSE I used Xchat because it was the default included one and turned to be good, but this new one looks... "crapy"? It even lacks some important networks in its default list, such as Rizon and some other ones.

3) After doing the multimedia guide I applied Packman switch in the command line and packages were changed. Just to confirm I went to Yast > Software manager and tried to apply switch to Packman then accepted. Seemed to do some "installing" process that took some seconds, but in the end seemingly it did nothing, just a small waste of time. Is it expected or I did something wrong?

4) Finally, how would one install patterns (i.e., if one wants to install another DE such as KDE or Enlightenment) through zypper command line?

Thanks very much beforehand.