one of the first steps when migrating to a new pc or when having to reinstall openSUSE, is to copy the ~/.mozilla and ~/.thunderbird directories over to my new home directory.
This way i get the same state when starting thunderbird and firefox on the new system as i had on the old system. But i only do this because i do not know what is needed to get for thunderbird:
- the accound settings (including stored passwords)
- all of my mails and mail directories

and for firefox:
- my my bookmarks
- my chronic / log
- tabs
- tabgroups
- addons
- passwords

Since i had a near full data loss a few months ago i started to make tar backups every few days, including both the ~/.thunderbird and the ~/.mozilla directories. The problem is, that both of those directories contain a lot of small files (but mostly a lot of files) and because of that the backup process needs a lot of time. So i was wondering if i really need the full directories or if it may be possible to exclude some of its contents?

I noticed some files like:
~/.thunderbird/"Crash Reports"
~/.mozilla/"Crash Reports"
and a lot of more, which may can be excluded?

Maybe someone can give me a list of files that are important and which are not?