Hello Everyone

I want to configure cups server, in that i wanted to print client hostname instead of ip address in the the page log of the cups server.

i am using CUPS 1.7.5 and os "openSUSE Leap" VERSION="42.2"

i have made setting in cupsd.conf as follows.

  1. HostNameLookups On --
  2. PageLogFormat %p %u %j %T %P %C %{job-billing} %{job-originating-host-name} %{job-name} %{media} %{sides}

On client side In /etc/hosts file we have enter localhost <hostname>
but when i go to the address in browser http://localhost:631 >> Administration>> page_log
we can only see the IP Address instead of hostname in the page log. what else changes is needed????
Apart from this Everything is working well , need solution for the hostname entity.

Please Help To Resolve this issue ...!!