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Thread: OpenGL and Kwin crash

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    PS: just to be sure that you actually run kwin5 and not kwin(4) for some reason (which stores its settings in ~/.kde4/share/config/), please post the output of:
    ps ux|grep kwin
    felipe+  2679  2.5  1.6 3205496 96852 ?       Sl   14:30   0:02 kwin_x11
    felipe+  3336  0.0  0.0  10544  1616 pts/1    S+   14:32   0:00 grep --color=auto kwin

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    Solved it!


    Thank you very much!
    The problem was with permissions. The User's kwinrc was not having enough permission to read and write.
    Probably this is the reason why plasma was not able to read and write on it. So that I think KDE was working after each reboot like the file kwinrc was not there (and using a default like I have deleted it).

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