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Thread: Change background colour of textieditor 'gedit'

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    Default Change background colour of textieditor 'gedit'


    I have trouble to change the background color of the standard editor 'gedit', or more precise the editor that comes up if I type in

    > gedit

    Nearly every online help states that one should be able to change the color (often labelled as theme, scheme, etc.) via the preference field. However, I cannot find such a button or field... Does anybody have an idea on how to switch the theme?

    I would appreciate your help,

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    Default Re: Change background colour of textieditor 'gedit'

    I assume you use GNOME 3, please correct me if I am wrong.
    To access Preferences click on the arrow next to the application name on the GNOME top bar, you will find "Preferences" in the drop down menu.

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