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    Desperately searching for a linux controller app for my Sonos system, I came up a piece of software called Noson, which does precisely what I want it to do AND looks beautiful. Unfortunately, it is only available for Ubuntu. Digging a bit deeper, I found out that the developer also offered a snap-package. I had never heard of the universal package manager snap before, and it took me a while to figure out what it was, how to install it in tumbleweed, open an account with the Ubuntu app-store, and finally how to install the software (which was easy and straightforward). In short, Snap has convinced me. Will it become part of opensuse anytime soon?

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    Well, snap absolutely has not convinced me ( IMHO it's moving to the Windows way ), but here it is
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    Thanks for the link.

    Snap has convinced me for one reason: Far too often have I come across a situation where a piece of software I needed was available as a *deb only. Meddling with 'alien' was more often than not a rather frustrating experience. Any installer that bridges the gaps between the different package systems is therefore highly welcome.

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    One of the potential issues is security with an out dated compiled in libraries etc....

    Seems not much effort to build....
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    SNAP is just one technology that promises cross-distro compatibility, and it has also incorporated some features that make it easier for Developers to create these packages.

    Docker is more technical and less dressed up, but in so doing is also more flexible in without limitations in numerous ways that does the same thing... The Developer selects an OS stub (whatever choice) which is packaged with the app and distributed. And, anyone can create these easily as well, so for instance if you find a deb app but want to run it on openSUSE (or for that matter make it universally available to every distro, many *NIX and now even MSWindows), you can create your own Dockerized version of the app.

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