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Thread: Remote Desktop Client(s) / KRDC security

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    Default Remote Desktop Client(s) / KRDC security

    So I would like to hire a Linux pro to troubleshoot my system. (Things like YAST windows closing immediately for no reason).

    I was planning on trying to install Teamviewer and carefully set up dual factor security, but then I came across KRDC (KDE Remote Desktop Client). I might as well use this, if it's compatible with the support guy's system.

    One issue is that Teamviewer has settings where the other user can't run things like scripts, which is a limitation I would like for obvious security purposes.

    Does KRDC have equivalent settings? I basically don't want the remote user to be able to do anything I can't watch and/or interrupt. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Remote Desktop Client(s) / KRDC security

    krdc is a remote desktop client, ie the thing that the support guy would run on his machine. You would need to setup a remote desktop server like vnc or adhoc vnc with krfb. If the server implementation (there are several for the vnc protocol) does have file transfers, you may be able to disable that.

    I would advise to go for plain old screen sharing and voice/chat. Any support guy worth real money is fine with that.

    Lastly, do not install teamviewer as a system service via the rpm download. Use the tar for "unspecified" distribution, extract it to your home and run it as your user. You do not want to give root access to closed source Windows binary that sends data to a remote master. Which is what teamviewer is and does.

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