I'm having a hard time setting up the desktop cube. (Leap / Plasma 5.8.6)

I saw a demo at some point where during the switch between desktops, you could see a hollow cube which rotated horizontally between 3 or 4 desktops, and it looked really good.

But in system settings setup there are only options for setting up number of rows, not sides. And it flips vertically (with 2 desktops). How does one setup 3 or 4 desktops which one switches right and left?

Adding a third seems to have a sideways flip, but it happens too quickly to be sure. What's a good recommended setting for duration? And is there still a way to see the whole cube in the animation of the switch?

The demo I saw looked beautiful. Any links to setup help would be great. I'm not finding much on my own...