Is it worth the install? Does it cause problems with Leap, or is it generally okay?

First of all, I downloaded the rpm (google-chrome-stable_current_x86_64.rpm) from google, and right clicked / open with / install software. Something happened, but the window which opened closed again and whatever process happened it happened to fast to read.

And I don't know how to find whether the app actually got installed. In Yast the package / repo terminology isn't newbie friendly and I can't find a simple way to find whether the browser was or was not installed. Any help appreciated.

Second, while I have a google account and would like to use it both in Leap and Android, I'm not sure how much I need to run Chrome to do so. I have Firefox and Konqueror. Is there anything I really need Chrome for? Netflix? What are the advantages (if any) over Chromium? Thanks.