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Thread: baloo-file-extractor slowing down the system

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    Default baloo-file-extractor slowing down the system


    I did a clean install of openSuSE leap 42.2. Everything is fine, except that, after some time, gradually system started to slow down(So slow that I was not able to open any application). After analyzing the system activity, baloo-file-extractor's shared Mem was keep on increasing (reached almost 2.5 G). But the CPU usage was almost 0%. So I tried to end that process. After that, system become normal. So, for the past 1 week, After every system start-up, I manually kill that process. Why is this process causing the system to slow down?. Is it a known issue? Any standalone fix is there for this behavior? Please help me with this. Killing the process on every reboot is annoying.

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    Default Re: baloo-file-extractor slowing down the system

    Have a look at Systemsettings - Search.
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