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    Thumbs up LEAP 42.2 PLAYONLINUX

    I have problem to install office from playonlinux.

    Can anyone try to help me???/

    thanks in advance

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    You can find what can be installed using wine here

    And others by searching. The winehq site can help sometimes but the first question will always be are you running the very latest version of wine. Some one does maintain that on the opensuse software search site. New releases appear there almost as soon as they come out.

    I only use wine for some old engineering utilities that people wrote for free mostly years ago so seldom have any problems. I launch the applications via q4wine as that allows the directories they are being run from to be specified. At odd times that has helped.

    I intend to try playwithlinux next time as that can download and install a lot of ms dll's directly - when the links are up to date. That is a problem for them as ms keep moving them about. They have a forum as well which might offer better help than whinehq usually does.

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    Default Re: LEAP 42.2 PLAYONLINUX

    If you want or need to use MS Office, I suggest you to use the online version. You also can add an shortcut in your desktop.
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