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Why a custom rpm (from where?), the kernel has moved on a bit now, maybe there are some improvements for your card?

I've not had any issues with Tumbleweed, but I do use a custom kernel module for 42.2.
I believe it was this one:


About 3-4 months ago, I simply installed that package and restarted... then when it didn't boot, I started YaST from the CLI then removed the package and restarted again.

Both that and booting with the parameters blacklisting "radeon" have the exact same result: The runlevel of the normal session (control + alt + f7) remains stuck at a black screen where only the cursor is seen blinking in the upper-left corner of the screen, instead of the login manager actually showing up. Note that this is an inexperienced guess, but I'd say that looks a bit like X11 not starting up or crashing immediately after it does... could this be a possibility?