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Thread: Gwenview and Plugins

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    Default Gwenview and Plugins

    I current have Leap 42.1 installed and also Leap 42.2 installed on separate partitions.
    With Leap 42.1 Gwenview had all its plugins available, including the advanced slideshow
    with ken burns (transistion) effect.

    I think most of the plugins for gwenview are in the package kipi-plugins but they do not show
    in gwenview with Leap 42.2 (and other distros using KDE plasma).

    Is there any other graphics program that can use the ken burns effect (images are slowly zoomed in)
    or any way to get kipi plugins working in Leap 42.2?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Gwenview and Plugins

    Those image manipulation plugins have been removed from kipi-plugins, they are now in digikam itself (kipi-plugins was mainly intended as extension for digikam, it even was part of digikam previously).

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