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Thread: Libreoffice BASE Page Header Issue

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    Default Libreoffice BASE Page Header Issue

    Hello all,

    How do I report a bug that is specific to OpenSUSE Libreoffice?

    The issue is that the Page Header (when defined in LibreOffice Base) becomes zero height in print preview or print.

    A few of us tried to report it to the Libreoffice bugzilla and they tested it and couldn't reproduce it on other versions of Linux or Windows. And, if you install an RPM from Libreoffice site--same version--the bug is not reproducible either.

    (Reported in: OpenSUSE 42.1 and 42.2, LibreOffice >v5.2.5 thru v5.3.3.1)



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    Default Re: Libreoffice BASE Page Header Issue

    you can use the same account you use at the forums
    give them as much information as possible but be concise

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