I the office, I have a file server with all files I and my colleagues produce (LibreOffice, CAD and similar). I have discovered a month or so ago that every time I try to move a file from a local machine to a server directory, which is populated by Libreoffice files btw, an error message pops up saying "Access denied to /mnt/server/Documents/arbitrary_filename.txt" The weird thing is that the file is moved afterwards. Even more weird thing happens on copying the file from local to remote machine. In the latter case no error msg appears. And of course, when working with remotely saved files with Libreoffice, no problems whatsoever on opening and/or saving files. Both, copy and move is done in Dolphin. SSH copy/move works fine. Local machines and server are connected by Samba.

My system: Leap 42.2, KDE Plasma 5.9.5, Frameworks 5.33.0, Qt 5.8.0, Kernel 4.4.62-18.6 64-bit

Any idea.