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    Question Different content between and

    Currently, I'm mirroring OpenSUSE repositories under OBS section, it's:
    and it's corresponding to:
    but after follow the instruction at:
    using the following command:
    rsync -av ./
    I observed that the content between the two are different, for example: the directory /network:/time/openSUSE_Leap_42.2/x86_64 (rsync) has the different content from the ntpsec.rpm package, *-debuginfo.rpm, *-debugsource.rpm are missing (in rsync ), so as other repositories.

    So I don't understand why it differs and which source is more reliable?
    If is complete repo, then how can I mirror from there instead of using rsync?

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    Default Re: Different content between and

    It looks like rsync has not been updated since February. Anyone at SuSE know what's up?

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