I hate Adobe and their DRM. It is cumbersome, evasive, limited, and outright bad practice. I will avoid it as much as I can, but it does seem like impossible.Though the majority of E-books purchased in EPUB are using the DRM from Adobe (can't find an E-bookstore that doesn't).

Since Adobe only has this software for Windows, Mac and Android, what is the best/easiest way to transfer books to an eReader?
I was thinking of getting my self a Kobo Aura One eReader. Though it has Kobo bookstore and OverDrive bookstore they do not sell books in my country.

What are the solutions for Adobe Digital Editions DRM on Linux?
1) Perhaps running Adobe Digital Editions in Wine is the way to go.
2) Perhaps stripping away the DRM before transferring the book. Though probably not allowed.