I have openSUSE Tumbleweed with the latest updates installed. My computer has a AMD Radeon 6870 graphic card and I use the free mesa driver. I use openGL 2.0 as compositor.

I'm very happy with the system. But since a long time I see graphical bugs in 3d animations of the plasma DE.

For example:
  • When I switch the opened applications by Alt+TAB there will be a frame of the old window visible in the middle.
  • Sometimes the same bug can be seen in firefox, when I use the search bar in the right corner in the top. So the window, which opens after clicking into the search bar has the plasma wallpaper as background or a other application.

Can you tell me, if this is just a problem of my system? Do you have the same bugs? Can I solve these?

I already googled the problem. But the only thing I found was to check, if my graphic card uses the free mesa driver and to check if it uses openGL as compositor.

Thanks for your help.