So, today I just installed openSUSE LEAP 42.2on my Desktop. I'm relatively new to openSUSE, but Fedora which I am already accustomed to completely refused to make a Livedisc and install properly on my Desktop, so since openSUSE uses GNOME and I'm comfortable with it, I decided to give it a try.

But, there's a problem. I can't get the GNOME Shell Extensions website to notice that GNOME Tweak Tool is even on the PC. Even though I don't think that system specs are needed here, i'll toss them in just to be sure.

CPU: i5-6600k Overclocked to 4.5Ghz at 1.35v
GPU: GTX 1070
OS: openSUSE 42.1 64-Bit
Storage: 700 GB HDD that holds openSUSE and all it's files. 120 GB SSD Boots Windows and has some files. 1TB HDD Windows main Storage.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue? I love some of the GNOME Extensions I have on my Fedora Laptop, but I can't find a solution to my problem.

Thanks in advance!