Hi, I' new here and my grammar/english writing is not the best, it's not my first lingo.
I use OpenSUSE for several years, mainly do recommended updates and install/tweak stuff not to much.
If I run in problems I Google and look for solutions I can follow up step by step.
I'm not a pro-hacker but feel comfortable to move around under guidance so to say.

The last 2 days I did upgrade (offline with burned DVD) a desktop from 13.1 to 13.2 (went ok with the usual nVidia driver drama)
after that I upgrade to openSUSE Leap 41.1 and got greeted by a black desktop, managed to get into ice, did the nVidia routine in Yast and had it running, some tinkering was required for sound to work.
Finally last night I did the next step from 42.1 to 42.2 and face several issues. Initial I had the "usual" again with nVidia, was able to solve that in recovery mode.
My system of KInfo Center:

KDE Plasma V 5.8.6
KDE Framew. V 5.26.0
Qt V 5.6.1
Kernel V 4.4.57-18.3-default
OS Type 64-bit

Processors: 8x Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz
Memory: 15.6 GiB of RAM

Graphics: nVidia GK106 Geforce 660

Problem I I got: No audio with videos, no matter if VLC media player or Kaffeine, .mp4, .mkv or .avi videos
I can run Amarok and play .mp3 files, I get also the test sounds when in Yast >> Hardware >> Sound at card #0 Intel ( Configured as sound card number 0 - Driver snd-hda-intel)

I do get NO testsound at card #1 nVidia (Configured as sound card number 1 Driver snd-hda-intel)
Where or what should I look for??


Problem II: Virtual desktops

I try several times, set to 6 virtual desktops and they work as I want with different browsers opn so I can jump around.
However, when I reboot they all gone and I'm back to default with 2 desktops.
How do I address this situation?

Thanks for any pointers.