Hello, I have a few things I wish to address on my LEAP 42.2 laptop. There will be more to come, as I am starting to test out LEAP 42.2 more carefully, now that I have more time.

1. On Desktop, if I try to find a certain file on Desktop, I wish to press its first letter, and sort through which one is the right one INSTEAD of initiating KDE Search. Is there anyway to do this?
As it did for openSUSE 13.2.
2. When I am moving objects using the UI. I wish to move it and not copy it. It seems to copy with both Ctrl+drop and Shift+drop. Can I fix it somehow to make it to move for Shift+drop, as it did for 13.2?
3. Time settings. I wish to use the format:
for my digital clock on the task manager.
Is there any way to change the default setting?