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Thread: Canlt play flsh media on 42.2

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    Arrow Canlt play flsh media on 42.2

    Hi, I just did the one click install described on the 'opensuse flash' page, and restarted.

    Now if i browse to and select an article:

    Firefox displays the ad and the first frame of the video, then stops.
    Chromium displays the first frame of the video and then stops.
    One of them put up a message about invalid media type or unsupported media type, etc.

    Why can I not play these videos?

    Machine is Dell inspiron 15 5000 with Intel hd graphics.

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    Default Re: Canlt play flsh media on 42.2

    Should work. Check the version I don't trust one clicks to always be right

    In yast - Software Management - search for flash version should be

    If not then check version tab bottom right and check the newest version and install from there

    Have you done the complete vendor change to packman???

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    don't do one click installs
    as if you don't have the packman repo you won't get updates and mozilla (even on Linux) blocks older flash blobs you need the latest you can get it from packman, don't get it from adobe as adobe's repo isn't signed and updates will not install from unsigned repo's
    so add the packman repo and install flash with zypper or yast
    do you have packman tell us your repo list
    zypper lr -d
    also what version and from where is your flash
    zypper se -si flash

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