Hi Here I am new sorry if this has been asked before.
I have downloaded and installed I think leap from https://software.opensuse.org/develo...ease=developer

I have a high end gaming system ive managed to find instructions to install the drivers for my graphics card Nvida geforce gtx 1070
and have them installed. But how to set a decent resolution the clock on the taskbar is big but the taskbar buttons and menus are so small its hard to read them they are like 3/4mm high. Also how to enable desktop effects like wobbly windows.

Yes I am on KDE what ever I dont even know how to find out what version off opensuse I have installed and what version off KDE it is?

so three things
1)Info about the system(program version ect.. )?
2)Set a decent resolution/menu font size?
3)wobbly windows how to?

Its probably 42.? kde latest but not sure.