I created a list of addressees for a mail I wanted to send to them all. For privacy reasons, I ticked the box 'Hide addresses when sending mail to this list', thinking that the name of the list would be shown, but the members hidden. (i.e. behaviour similar to MS Outlook)

Then I composed the mail entering the list name in the 'To:' field. The mail was sent and all members of the list were listed under 'Bcc:' as expected. But the name of the list was NOT shown, and no-one has a clue to whom the mail has gone. Is this behaviour a good idea?
(The mail was supposed to be an invitation to a meeting that included a few extra names in the 'To:' field. These people will think that they are the only ones invited to the meeting, and probably, therefore, not come because the meeting does not make sense without the members of the list)