I recently upgraded my system to Qt 5.8 and Framework 5.32. Kmail 5.4.80 beta1 came along with this. Everything is working fine, but I have two small quibbles with KMail and I'm not sure how to fix them. First, the system tray icon is practically invisible in my panel. The panel is the breeze dark color and the icon is practically the same color. All the other KDE icons, like the one for Akregator, become white on the background of the dark panel. Kmail doesn't. The second quibble is that the font in the folder list looks to be about 12 or 14 points. If I remember correctly, this was adjustable in the desktop settings. They don't seem to affect it now. Kmail itself doesn't seem to have the folder list as an option in its settings appearance page, though you can adjust the fonts in the message list and so forth. Is there something here I'm missing? Are these things adjustable?

On the good side, the drop down filter by status list is back. I really missed that one.