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Thread: LibreOffice forcibly logs KDE out

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    Default LibreOffice forcibly logs KDE out

    Not sure which packages this might be seen as a bug in, but:

    using a legal template document with some locked data entry "fields" in LibreOffice, where these are not (not actually) fields are clearly intended to provide spaces you must complete;

    some of the fields not needed in my scenario, so attempt to delete - initial attempts met with an error "Write-protected content cannot be changed.";

    repeated attempts to delete out of frustration causes LibreOffice and KDE to hang for a few moments, then return user to log in screen (not a reboot);

    logging back in is then sometimes successful and sometimes just hangs on the splash screen. In the event of the latter a reboot command issued in another TTY works and log in is then successful.

    Should an application be able to crash out the desktop environment?

    What detritus could an application crash leave than means a new log in causes a second crash?

    Does anyone know why LibreOffice is respecting the "write-protected content" without offering a way to undo (or implement) the write protection?

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    Default Re: LibreOffice forcibly logs KDE out

    This is a serious bug in LibreOffice so you should report it. I've experienced the same type of crash two times in an application I develop. Each time it was due to an attempt to execute a background process that didn't existed.

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