I have installed and configured Tumbleweed on four PCs previously without encountering this problem. I always park a Folder View widget on the panel for use as a quick-start launcher, and I point the widget to a folder called FaveApps in /home. Then I drag the most frequently used applications from the start menu into the FaveApps folder with the 'Link here' option and rename all the links to the actual application name, eliminating the nnnnn.desktop filename in favor of one that is immediately more recognizable.

Thereafter, as expected, clicking on the Folder View widget pops up a list of the contents of the FaveApps folder. Clicking on any folder item effects the desired quick-launch of the selected application.

Just installed Tumbleweed on my neighbor's old Win7 -> Win10 PC, which had recently become irreparably confused. However, after adding the Folder View app and pointing it to a folder containing links to favorite apps, selecting an item from the Folder View's popup list brings up Kate with the contents of the link file. Works the same for every link file! However if I right-click on any of the Folder View's popup list and select 'Open', then it launches the app as expected. However, that's intrusive, counter to how it works on every other Tumbleweed system I've set up, and is not what I would consider a quick-launch capability.

I've investigated fiddling with the File Associations for x-desktop without any success. I'm at a total loss why this one oddball won't work as expected.

Any insights ... anyone?