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    Hello Sirs;

    Me and a FreeBASIC forum member named Dodicat from Scottland wrote a windows application..

    Called "Five Deck Maverick" , its a casino poker game, but it won't run under Wine???

    It uses OpenGL , Ole libs and , objbase , and winnt libs.

    #include once ""
    #include once "win/"
    #include once "win/"
    #inclib "ole32"

    and then

    #Include Once "GL/"
    #include Once "GL/"
    #include ""
    #include ""

    It speaks the output after the wheels stop, and as soon as it try's to speak it errors and WINE shuts it down...
    And under WINE the suits don't show up on the wheels..something wrong with the font, i think WINE , doesn't come with any fonts or doesn't come with a required "Terminal" font.

    To test the source code you'd need FBIDE and FreeBASIC 1.05 for Windows..The source can compile to both 32 and 64 bit exe's

    Does anyone want to try to fix it , or help fix it? ( I've got no clue!! )

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    Maybe take this to a wine forum??

    review the DLL's needed to run and be sure they are present in the wine environment

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