Hello Sirs;

I'm not a programmer or sys-admin , i'm just a newby that got tired of my Windows OS being hacked and hacked..So i switched to Linux

I downloaded SUSE Leap 42.2 and installed and installed..

I went onto Yast > software manager and typed GCC and it and its set to get GCC 32bit.. i downloaded and no programs would compile , (missing cc and other probs)
So i clicked each box and downloaded everything related to GCC and now its compiling okay.. ( you guys (coders) need to be sure to include everything you need to compile)

I downloaded Audacity and its missing an mp3 lib called libmp3lame.so.o , so i downloaded the source (only available in source form) , for lame and it finally compiled and installed okay..(with all the GCC megabytes of compilers downloaded)

I downloaded a program called "Nulloy" to play mp3's and out of the box its missing some kind of GStreamer plugin , so i typed Gstreamer in to the software mgr and clicked on everything and now it's working okay...

I thought of making my own Linux distro... Where every program goes into its own dir

So GCC 6 would go in
/GCC 6
/GCC 6 /bin
/GCC 6 /etc ( where the config files go..)
/GCC 6 /lib
/GCC 6 /doc ( for docs)

Then you could run different versions of apps side by side, one login might run version 2 and another login might use version 4...or you might have two versions running at the same time on the same desktop..

Someone told me there's a distribution called "GOBO Linux" that already does this??

You would have to be a good programmer to accomplish it , because most source codes are full of hardcoded dirs...you'd have to alter the sources..
Then you get rid of the PATH , and use a search engine to find the bin dirs and list out the different versions to launch..
Then all the dependencies could be found under the working dir.
If a program uses a different programs libs then it would create softlinks the the prog-name/lib dir..

Thank you , just telling you about the problems of a newby...