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Thread: lxqt menu not updating or correcton 42.2

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    Default lxqt menu not updating or correcton 42.2

    I recently installed leap 42.2 64 with lxqt environment. I have a /home directory on a separate partition that was not reformatted or reinstalled. The lxqt menu is not updated, but shows what was there for 42.1. There were a couple of issues last year that I still see in the menu. It is also not adding new applications as they are installed. Is there a way to clean up the menu and have it reset to what is on the current system? The Openbox 3 menu from a right mouse click on the desktop is correct. Is there a method to replace the lxqt menu data or edit it? Where is the open box menu data file? Can it be used to replace the lxqt or as a pattern?

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    Default Re: lxqt menu not updating or correcton 42.2

    I haven't inspected how LXQT configures its menu, if it still is built on LXDE then the following I wrote long ago (IIRC for 13.2) might be useful for figuring things out

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    Default Re: lxqt menu not updating or correcton 42.2

    What release you had before might have some bearing on what's happened. I moved from 12.3 to 42.2 so don't know when the mechanism for this area changed.

    Pointers to applications and menu's are kept in environment variables. It's explained here

    Some one provide me with a script that can show how these are set and it sounds like the install may not have set it up correctly. It's a POSIX script but should run under bash. The person who provides it always uses posix if he can for compatibility reasons. I've not used this yet. I know how it's set up on my machine.

    My thanks to Steven D

    while read var default; do
    printf "%24s = %s\n" "${var}" "$(eval echo \${$var-${default}\(\*\)})"

    Output example I think. It was posted with the above so all may need to be in the script. I don't understand scripts at all. Not bash anyway.
    XDG_DATA_HOME       ${HOME}/.local/share
    XDG_CONFIG_HOME     ${HOME}/.config
    XDG_DATA_DIRS       /usr/local/share/:/usr/share/
    XDG_CONFIG_DIRS     /etc/xdg
    XDG_CACHE_HOME      ${HOME}/.cache
    XDG_RUNTIME_DIR     /run/user/$(id -u)
    XDG_DESKTOP_DIR     $HOME/Desktop
    XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR    $HOME/Downloads
    XDG_MUSIC_DIR       $HOME/Music
    XDG_PICTURES_DIR    $HOME/Pictures
    XDG_VIDEOS_DIR      $HOME/Videos
    echo "(*) indicates variable unset and a default value substituted"
    I think you will find the menu you should be using in /etc/xdg/menus. Maybe XDG_CONFIG_DIRS is set to something else. Do read the spec in the link though as it can be some where else if these aren't set. I also suspect that the SDDM login needs to be used for it to all work correctly. Pass though really but it did cause the correct menu to be selected for me. I'm not at all sure that others will.

    That's based on installing lxde when kde was already installed so I installed lxde under a different user name, The correct menu was selected but the applications are kept in a large pool of them so it contained kde stuff too and the lxde stuff also appeared in my kde menu. The application launches from the menu are all dot desktop files not the actual applications so easy to find. You'll probably find several directories full of them. It's pretty obvious which one is being used as it will show the same apps as your right click

    However I had an odd /home install problem and the install didn't format my previous home. It stuck it some where else. It was on a raid so doubt if this is your problem. Rather than use my previous home location it formed another at /home. Caused me some confusion as I thought it had been put in the correct place. This can show were it actually is.

    df /home
    Suggested by a helpful person on here.

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