Hello, I'm a novice with Linux. I managed to install TensorFlow on the Anaconda environment but now I'm having a tough time getting "libcupti-dev". This is under the Ubuntu Guide for installing Tensorflow. I worked with what guides were available but now I'm feeling glued. Has anyone ever dealt with the workaround to get libcupti-dev? Is it a file? or a library? At least have any idea how I could install obtain this for the Nvidia Cuda kit.

I installed the Cuda Toolkit kit from Nvidia and moved the files from cuDNN v5.1. to the Cuda install folder in /usr/local/cuda/ to their appropriate folders. I have tried using 'zyppter install libcupti-dev' but with no luck this isn't available on their repository. Please correct me, I want to learn and get GPU support for tensorflow to work.

Thank you.