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Thread: YaST Bootloader Ruby Error

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    When I try to start the YaST2 Boot Loader module from a terminal or X session, I receive the following error at the "Load bootloader settings" step (66%) of the "Initializing Boot Loader Configuration" panel:
    Internal error. Please report a bug report with logs.
    Details: undefined method `split' for #<CFA::AugeasTree:0x0000000cacb7d0>
    Caller:  /usr/lib64/ruby/gems/2.1.0/gems/cfa_grub2-0.5.3/lib/cfa/grub2/default.rb:206:in `initialize'
    I don't know if this issue comes from YaST, the Boot Loader module, the YaST Ruby bindings, GRUB, or my Ruby installation, but I have updated all of these to the latest from the Leap 42.2 repository.

    Perhaps not every installation hits this error because the module only uses the split method on strings or bootloader entries that match a certain set of criteria.

    I see that the error tells me to "please report a bug report with logs", but I don't know which logs to find or for which application to report a bug.

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    Default Re: YaST Bootloader Ruby Error

    Screen capture of error in terminal:

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    Default Re: YaST Bootloader Ruby Error

    Works fine here maybe check if you have mixed ruby packages or maybe the wrong version

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