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Thread: How to start DDCLIENT from the desktop

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    Default How to start DDCLIENT from the desktop

    How to start DDCLIENT for from the desktop?

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    Default Re: How to start DDCLIENT from the desktop

    When you install a app with little to no documentation and no obvious way to use it...

    1. Inspect the package contents running the following command
     rpm -ql ddclient
    2. From the above, besides the various examples and documentation, two files should stand out...
    A configuration file which might automatically work with its default values
    And a "service" file located where systemd Unit files are located
    There are also executables (eg anything in an /sbin/ ) but those would generally be called by the "master" Unit file.

    3. So, using general systemd commands,
    You can start ddclient manually with the command
    systemctl start ddclient.service
    And, if you want ddclient to start automatically on every boot up,
    systemctl enable ddclient.service
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