Let's start with an explanation of my set up and what I have already tried.
I have a Dell E6520, business type laptop, plugged into a Dell E-Series dock. The dock provides power, network, USB connections, and DVI and VGA outputs. The laptop lid is constantly closed. I have a KVM, a cheap IOGear using USB and VGA, plugged into this system which is used to switch between two other computer as well.
Whenever I use the KVM to switch from my laptop to another system, doesn't matter which, the laptop will go into standby(aka sleep, RAM sleep, ACPI state S1|S2|S3) mode. This would not be so much of an issue if I wanted it to happen but I want the laptop to stay on in order to share files. Also when it comes back KDE will crash 90% of the time.
I have tried using Power Management under Desktop Settings to set all button handling, including the lid switch, to Do Nothing. I tried disabling the Suspend timer as well. I even tried disabling Power Management in KDE altogether. I also looked in YaST over and over for power management settings and found nothing.

What did I miss? Better yet what can I change?
This is a true annoyance for me.
At this point I am shutting down the laptop before I change over to another computer. It is fast to boot up but still annoying, especially since I can't access my files from the other systems when I need to.