For some reason my openSUSE Tumbleweed system doesn't seem to be able to get past the stage of systemd starting up. I cannot seem to get to the point where I either have the command-line or a GUI available to use, so effectively my OT system is useless at the moment. When systemd starts up a few errors are reported like Plymouth services fail, systemd-flush-journal service fails, etc. The mounting of my file systems does not fail (which indicates to me that this isn't the same as this previous issue of mine). In my own efforts to fix this problem I tried to repair my Btrfs file system by running:

btrfs check --repair /dev/sda2
where /dev/sda2 is my root Btrfs OT partition; this returned: this. I then rebooted OT, hoping that my problems will now be over, but nope, getting the same errors. I wish I had the systemd logs for you but running journalctl -xe from a chroot into my OT system merely returns:

No journal files were found.
-- No entries --
Any ideas what I need to do?

Thanks for your time,