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Thread: Highlighting text by double-clicking with the mouse

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    In openSUSE 13.2, I noticed that when I double-click on text in some applications, the text is highlighted for about 1 second and then it is no longer highlighted. If I double-click again on the same text it stays highlighted. Even if the text does not remain highlighted with the first double-click, the selection still works, i.e., it is listed in klipper and I can copy-paste it. This problem occurs with specific applications like xterm, KDE3 konsole and LXTerminal. It does not occur with KDE4 konsole. There, if I double-click on text, it remains highlighted the first time. In older versions of openSUSE, text would always remain highlighted in all applications whenever I double-clicked on it until I would click somewhere else in the same window. Is there any way to change this in openSUSE 13.2 so that text in terminals always remains highlighted when I double-click on it the first time? The problem is independent on the session, it occurs in LXDE and KDE3.

    I am using NVIDIA with its native driver.


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    what window manager do you use in kde3?
    this might be an openbox issue (afaik lxde uses openbox)
    if I'm not wrong text highlighting is handled by the window manager, startup obconf and see what's configured or misconfigured in openbox
    see their wiki about configuring openbox
    anyhow you are using abandoned software 13.2 is dead and unsupported

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