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Thread: KDE Wayland running on Bumblebee

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    Default KDE Wayland running on Bumblebee

    We all know running Wayland on KDE while using nvidia drivers does not work. However does the same apply if using Bumblebee?

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    Default Re: KDE Wayland running on Bumblebee

    My understanding is the problem is with the NVIDIA drivers not the hardware so nouveau driver should be ok. Any know for sure???

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    Default Re: KDE Wayland running on Bumblebee

    If you are talking of running Plasma5 on Wayland: it won't be possible in Leap 42.2 at all as Wayland is not supported nor included, and plasma5-session-wayland is not available either for that reason.

    With Bumblebee, the desktop is running on the intel chip though. In principle it should work I suppose, even if you use Bumblebee with the nvidia driver. But I don't know for sure.

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