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Thread: What's the difference between utf-8 (locale) and utf-8 in KMail

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    Default What's the difference between utf-8 (locale) and utf-8 in KMail


    I am confused by the encoding of mail. In KMail, there is a list of in Settings > Configure KMail > Composer > Charset used to encode the message. My list looks like,
    utf-8 (locale)
    ** I'm not sure whether this is the default list or I've changed it some time before.

    When I reply or forward SOME of the mails having Simplified Chinese characters inside, SOME of the characters are not displayed well. When I changed the order of the first 2 charset in the list, the problem is gone. Or, maybe it's gone because I deselected the option of "Keep original charset when replying or forwarding (if possible)".

    But I am only interested in the charsets. Could anyone please point out the difference between utf-8 (locale) and utf-8?

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