Anyone else having problems when trying to render a video in kdenlive?
I have narrowed down the problem to 'melt' which segmentation faults immidiately when rendering should start. When running melt in konsole there aren't any informative error messages - just 'Segmentation fault'.

I have installed kdenlive, melt and libmlt packages from Packman repository but the problem persists also when using the main repository (or multimedia:libs for melt and libmlt).

Any suggestions how to solve this problem? I have Tumbleweed installed in my Laptop and there melt works fine...

At the moment I have installed:
- kdenlive (16.08.2 from Packman)
- melt/melt6/libmlt6/libmlt6-data/libmlt-modules/libmlt++3 (6.2.0 from Packman)

My LEAP 42.2 installation is not updated from previous version. Only necessary multimedia and NVidia package installations and security updates have been made.