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Thread: x86_64 builds will not trigger

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    Default x86_64 builds will not trigger

    I have a test project with a reference to a single rhel6 x86_64 repo. I’ve committed source successfully, but the x86_64 will not trigger, nor are there build results. I’ve waited up to 3 days – no build results.

    If I look in the UI, I see that the single package in the test project is ‘fine’. But no build result is available.

    I’ve tried various approaches:
    - Restarting the dispatcher
    - Restarting the scheduler and delayed job services
    - Reloading updated source
    - Rebooted our SCREEN worker hosts
    - Rebooted our master api host
    - I see references to the test project in /srv/obs/run/bs_sched.x86_64.state
    - I do not see references to the test project in /srv/obs/run/
    - No jobs are active in /srv/obs/jobs

    Here’s the scheduler info for x86_64. This file has not had an update for 20 days:
    strings /srv/obs/info/schedulerinfo.x86_64
    <schedulerinfo arch="x86_64" started="1482469830" time="1484358355">
    <queue high="0" med="0" low="0" next="0" />
    <worst project=".. ... various projects" packages="4" time="4" />
    . . .

    I’ve looked in dispatcher and scheduler logs, and can find nothing related to the test project.

    Does anyone have info (or a link) on how to diagnose and resolve this issue?? Could the integrity of the underlying mysql database be compromised? Is there a way to force rescheduling?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: x86_64 builds will not trigger

    We resolved this issue.

    We had a project that was linking to a remote obs instance - which another team had transitioned to a different hostname. Unfortunately, this blocked the x86_64 scheduler. After removing that project and its home dependencies, then restarting the schedulers, they unblocked and built all pending packages.

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