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Thread: K3B crashing during burn on input/output error

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2fry View Post
    I have tried Leap 42 and many of the programs I like, such as picture of the day, are not part of the KDE desktop. Overall I think Leap 42 was a step backwards from 13.2.
    What programs are you missing?
    "picture of the day" is not a "program", but a desktop applet/widget.
    And I think it has been re-added in the latest Plasma 5.9.0 (released last week), you could install that on 42.2 too by adding additional repos.

    Plasma5 has been a major rework from the KDE4 version, not everything has been ported (yet) and may reappear in future versions, and some things were dropped on purpose.

    Though "many of the programs" are missing is a bit overexaggerated though I suppose.

    Some (3rd party) widgets are also available in the "KDE store", which you can reach via the "Get New" buttons (in the Add Widgets dialog in this case), the "discover" application, or just a web browser (

    I wish the people running SUSE 13.2 would not have remove the repositories I was using.
    The "people running SUSE 13.2" have *not* removed the repositories you were using.
    The people that created/maintained those additional repositories in the first place have.

    Note that there is no "SUSE 13.2", you are talking about *openSUSE* and 3rd party repos, which is/are created and maintained by the community (and to a large part by volunteers in their spare time) and is available for free.

    And this is open source anyway.
    You can always build stuff you need yourself (you can even create your own repos on OBS), also for no longer supported openSUSE versions.
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