Leap 42.1 problems with chromium Version 54.0.2840.100 (64-bit)

The question is the Chromium (same version) on my desktop remembers the email address
part of both my Facebook logins even though I thoroughly clear all browsing history
every time I'm done. But I can't seem to get the Chromium on my laptop to remember
them. What do I need to do to get chromium to preserve that info and offer a selectable
list once I type the first character in the email field of Facebook's login page?

The long explanation of why I want to know follows:

First let me state for the record that I despise the User interface shared by
Chromium & Google-Chrome. I use them for just two things.
I use one to access both of my Facebook accounts (and NOTHING else) after which
I routinely clear all browsing data "since dawn of time"

I use the other for the express purpose of accessing my hulu account...
Which until recently I was using chromium for that. I set it to open with my account
page where since I seldom cleared it's login cookie I almost never need to actually
enter my password on the insecure page that claims to be an https page...
from there I would use the pull down link to open my http watchlist page where I can
select various series programs that I've shown interest in and selectively add
specific episodes to the "added video" list with which I can play them back in order
when I'm too busy relaxing as I view them to get stressed out searching for the next
show I wanted to see. (I never like watching multiple episodes of the same show back
to back) This has been working fairly well for me for a long time now.

Until less than a week ago, even though I hadn't done a zypper up in over a month,
chromium suddenly started bothering to put a red slash through the https part of the
account page URL and/or my history page which is the only other hulu page claiming to be
https. It also made me jump through an extra pop-up warning confirmation dialog to
get there. And ever since that's been happening, chromium has been unable to open my
watchlist page. I get some kind of error, Hulu says: "There was an error on this page
(500 error)" But the bottom line is that Chromium is now useless for hulu...

And I'll be surprised if there is a fix for that. Chromium is only trying to protect
me. But it won't trust me to tell it that I understand the lack of privacy provided
by the poorly designed https page and stops it from doing something it needs to in
order for me to reach my watchlist.

Plan B is to switch and use the google-chrome for hulu {which works} and start using
Chromium for Facebook. Which gets me to the small potatoes aggravation that there should
be a fix for... First let me say that When I use Chromium for that on my leap 42.1
desktop it still does something that google-chrome does even though I've thoroughly
purged any/all browsing history, cookies, passwords etc...

The email addresses of both my Facebook accounts happen to start with the same
letter. "j" And when I type a j in the email address login field I get a pop-down
list of previous login emails that start with a j. And as long as I don't let it
save my password, and didn't let it keep that annoying login picture that Facebook
keeps trying to dump on me, all I need to do is to arrow down to the one I want and
hit tab then enter or paste the appropriate password and I'm in. But I can't
remember what I ever did that caused it to remember the email address field
contents without also saving the password. And one of the email addresses is
difficult for me to type in correctly so it bothers me that I can't get the same
Chromium version on my laptop to offer the pop-up list. And since there are two
Facebook logins, if I let it save the password (and uncheck the password component
of the clear history settings page) it becomes a real pain when it want's to always
set me up for the one I'm not trying to log in to...