I tend to have my laptop running on battery by hitting the power switch on the AC cable. I prefer it that way for various reasons; suffice it to say that from time to time waking my laptop up from suspend (either when the laptop lid is closed or the display is off) causes lag within my desktop. When I say lag, I'm describing these symptoms:

1. A few seconds delay between my hitting a key and it coming up on screen (such as when typing in my password, or typing anything else for that matter);
2. A delay in my clicking any button and it performing an action (such as shutting down my computer or pressing anything)
3. An application takes longer to start up than usual

One thing to take note is that the tty1, tty2, etc are NOT affected by this; I have GNOME as my desktop environment so it must be a GNOME issue. Restarting my laptop erases all these symptoms and my laptop functions normally again. When I have my laptop on charge these symptoms never appear; it's only when the laptop is on battery does this lag appear. Presumably this issue has been existent for some time now but has been overlooked.

Please fix!