xfig is a vector drawing tool, that allows to embed external EPS files, i did not used this function for a while and as i just tried it again i got the following error message:
EPS object read OK, but not preview bitmap found/generated
I found several threads and bug tracker entries about this problem suggesting some workarounds, but none of the less invasive ones i tired, work.
But it is also stated that there is a fix around for the previous version 3.2.5x which does not seem to be applied on the current version 3.2.6 (which is the one i am using on my tumbleweed system).

I also found someone stating, that this is a regression caused by a overseen compile-time flag: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugr...cgi?bug=848040
Can this be confirmed, maybe i can contact the tumbleweed/factory maintainer about this.