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Thread: Ksysguard Cnfiguration issues

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    Default Ksysguard Cnfiguration issues

    I recently installed Leap 42.2 with KDE on a laptop with a Skylake m3-6y30 processor. Looking for extended battery life, I wanted to use Ksysguard to observe the frequencies and core temperatures. However although Ksysguard would open a new tab, and showed variables I wished to monitor, none of them would result in a display when dragged over to the left panel.

    Thinking that perhaps this processor was not "known" to the Leap kernel, I tried the 20161226 Tumbleweed-KDE_Live x86_64 Snapshot, and with the "linux" user, the KDE-Live system gve the expected behavior on opening a new Tab, and I could monitor all sensors offered.

    A little reluctantly, I replaced my Leap 42.2 installation with a Tumbleweed install from the 20161226 Tumbleweed-DVD-x86_64 Snapshot, and I'm back to where I was with Leap 42.2, that is, no loggable sensors on a New tab. The binaries and libraries on the 2 Snapshot Ksysguards are identical.

    I'm guessing that the difference is in the configuration of Ksysguard, perhaps for the system, or perhaps for the user, but despite looking, I have found very little up to date documentation of how this is done. It's ksysguard5 version 5.8.4.

    Nor have I found any documentation of how to make Ksysguard put out error messages, or where it would put them, or how it would validate that the inputs are actually available.

    I'm hoping for some configuration or error logging hints so i can avoid having to use the ultimate solution of the source.

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    Default Re: Ksysguard Cnfiguration issues

    If you start it from the command line you will see error messages there

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    Default Re: Ksysguard Cnfiguration issues

    Quote Originally Posted by gogalthorp View Post
    If you start it from the command line you will see error messages there
    Seems like a good idea, but it doesn't produce any error messages to stdout or stderr (if you just type ksysguard<CR>).

    I suspect it can be configured to do sothrough. Hence the questions about configuration.

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